Foolish Pride in place of hono June 13Thursday, June 13 Foolish Pride - Foolish Pride emulates a classic Blues/Rock sound that has captivated music lovers from Birmingham to Britain for half a century. Navigating vocal and instrumental harmonies with passion and aplomb, they'll take you on a ride through the golden age of live music, careening through legendary tracks from both sides of the pond. Experience seminal albums brought to life with: Trevor Blank and Ben Lacy sharing hot dual guitar and lead vocals, Carter Jones on thumpin' bass and vocal harmonies, Josh Barkley on sweet keys, and Sean Tierson hammering home the rhythm on drums. If you've ever listened to "Allman Brothers Live the Fillmore", "Layla & other Assorted Love Songs", "Led Zeppelin 2" or maybe "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" on full blast... then this is the band for you!